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About Us

Welcome to Campbell County High School

At Campbell County High School, we believe that students come first. We are so excited to be a part of your journey and to provide you with the skills necessary to become who you want to be. Our staff and faculty are committed to you: we take joy in your growth and believe that we are successful only when our students succeed. We consider it an honor and privilege that you have chosen to entrust your education to us, and we strive in everything we to to continue to earn that trust every day.

We are a diversified, comprehensive educational program that offers 172 sections of vocational/technical classes and 319 sections of academic classes. Through an agreement with the Tennessee Technology Center, seniors may attend vocational/technical classes in drafting, machine shop, and business systems technology while in attendance at our school. Students may also articulate high school credit in vocational/technical courses. Qualified students may also be admitted to early admissions programs at Roane State Community College or complete two semesters of college English on our campus during the regular school day.

 Vision Statement 

At Campbell County High School, our vision is to create a school in which all students, regardless of background, race, creed, gender, or minority are treated equitably. We believe that our school must provide access to not only pathways for the future, but also the knowledge and experiences that prepare students to interact with and be successful within frameworks that are outside their cultural and known lives. By providing opportunities that expand students’ academic, social, extracurricular, and cultural horizons, we better prepare them for life after high school. When we embrace the reality that we have limited time in which to permanently impact our students’ lives, we teach, interact, advocate, and guide with urgency and the insistence that our students leave our care with the knowledge, attributes, grit, and tenacity to make choices about their future paths.


 Mission Statement

The mission of Campbell County Comprehensive High School is to achieve excellence through equity by preparing all students for meaningful citizenship in an ever-changing society by offering a quality, comprehensive education dedicated to building a foundation for lifelong learning while helping students achieve their maximum potential. 

  1. We believe in relationships. Our goal is to make all students believe that they matter to us, that they are important, and that they are worthy of our absolute best.  

  1. We believe in growth through collaboration. Our desire is to build a positive team with a growth mindset and both a willingness and eagerness to learn from one another. We believe in promoting growth for all.  

  1. We believe in equity. We must do our best for every child every day.  

  1. We believe in mutual accountability. Everything is everyone’s responsibility, and we own our results together.  

  1. We believe in expecting excellence. By setting high expectations for our students and ourselves, we raise the standard of culture, instruction, care, and relationships and provide an increasing number of pathways for students to demonstrate success.