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Mission Statement Students Use
The purpose of the Educational Media Center is to provide supportive materials for the classroom curriculum and to have an environment conducive for research, study and learning. Our staff takes pride in offering a safe haven for our students where they can be themselves, free from criticism.  Students often come in to talk to us, surf the net, read and study.  We're not like most libraries.  We encourage soft discussion among our students.  We very seldom "shush" our students, and soft music often plays in the background.
Student Access Faculty Use

Students have access from 8:00 a.m. to 3:18 p.m.  During their class times, they can visit the library with permission and a note from their teachers.  During lunch, students can come to the library and work. No horseplay is ever allowed in the library, and students can lose this privilege if they misbehave.

Our faculty members visit to schedule time in the library, catch up on the latest materials added and use our new computers for their planning periods.  We encourage library use for our teachers!  We have plenty of material to support their curriculum.

Media Center Rules

  1. No food, drinks or gum are allowed.  Students are only exempt from this rule if they have a medical form on file in the nurse's office.  
  2. No horseplay is permitted.
  3. No student can access their email, post comments to forums or participate in any type of chat rooms while in the library.  For further web restrictions, check your student's handbook under "Internet Use Policy".  We want to protect your student from posting too much personal information on the web.  This is for their protection.
  4. Do not use the library as a hallway.
  5. No downloading or games are allowed on the computers.  Our machines are for educational use only.
  6. Fines are 5 cents per day per item.  Please return materials on time or renew them to avoid these charges.


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Library Staff

jennifer sealsJennifer Seals, Media Specialist

Mrs. Seals has been a media specialist for 20 years at CCHS. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a Master's Degree in Information Science in August, 2000. She continues to take classes with Tennessee Tech. University and the University of Tennessee in order to stay up to date in the world of technology. She loves to read especially fantasy novels which are her favorite. She especially loves the following serieses: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Artemis Fowl, Twilight, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles. Often times she hosts fan clubs in the library, and have done so for most of the titles listed above.